My passion in life, and my mission as horsephotographer, is to portray the souls of horses, and to capture the connection between horses and their humans, with my cameras.

My job is to create photographs that will be kept as memory-treasures for life and I do it with lots of love and perfection.


My loves; Melina,
Vanessa, Cherokee,
Luwa & Lokkur

Caribe Horse

Rescue Horse Stable in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


Arabian Horse Stud by the Artic Circle in Sweden owned by Linnéa Karlsson

Norrskensaraber 2016

Redwoods Horse Farm

Marlborough region, New Zealand


Arabian stallion owned by Sarah Karlsson, Sweden

Lastest photographed horse event

Norrbottens Hästavelsförenings utställning 2020, Rånebygdens Ridklubb

Lastest photographed horse event

Ryttarspelen 2019, Bodens Ridklubb