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The story of Follow The Sun Photography

Follow The Sun Photography was born out of my passion for capturing the magic of the world with my camera. Since travelling has changed my life forever and rewarded me in so many ways, I wish to inspire people to travel, near and far, and to do so more consciously and sustainably. I wish to inspire people to discover the beauty and differencies of our planet and to grow with that.

I am also very passionated about horses and horse photography. I love the challenge of portraying the soul of a horse, and to capture the connection between horses and their humans.

Other photography services I’m offering are weddings, events, portraits, editorial and commercial. I also have a large archive of images from around the world available for licensing upon request, and a webshop>> where I sell a selection of my photographs as posters.

The name Follow The Sun Photography came naturally as I am in fact following the sun since 2010. Ever since I graduated from the Media Programme, I’ve been on a neverending journey. I follow the sun far away from the dark winters, to explore different corners of our planet, to discover, to learn, to grow, to then follow the sun back to Europe in the spring. In 2017 I decided to go back living in my hometown Överkalix again when I am not travelling other continents. A decision I am very grateful for. It has been a journey by itself, to rediscover my roots, to see my hometown and it’s surrounding municipalities with new eyes, while I have been exploring and photographing for different destination- and tourist companies.

Linnéa Isaksson

Photographer & CEO

Born by the Arctic Circle in Sweden 1991, grew up loving and riding our amazing horses, creating my own horse magazines and arranging ‘pony-courses’ with my friends.

Would describe myself as a conscious traveller, equestrian, yogi, surfer, nature lover, crystal- and stone collector, adventurer, natural redhead and soulmate of Bryan, an Italian guy I met in Australia back in 2013.

An Ode to the Arctic

A film about our life in my beautiful hometown, Överkalix, made by Heart of Lapland 2019


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